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Working together, SET and Mr. Sievert Larsson have changed the lives of thousands of disadvantaged Thai students. Without support, many of those young people would have been unable to study beyond high school – or even primary school in many cases. Instead, they would be working in mundane, poorly-paid jobs with limited prospects or opportunities to improve their lives and the lives of their impoverished families. Mr Seivert began supporting SET as an individual in 1998. From 2007, his generous support continued through his own foundation, the Mr. Sievert Larsson Scholarship Foundation (SLSF). The foundation is SET’s major donor. Without SLSF, SET would have been unable to achieve what it has done and continues to do, year after year

Peter Robinson (Director SET Foundation)

Mr. Sievert Larsson began supporting the New Life Center Foundation in 2007, with an initial grant for 40 students. Since that time, the SLSF/NLCF partnership has enabled almost 600 students to pursue their education. Karen and Mr. Sievert Larsson remain close friends, and enjoy seeing each other (in Thailand, the USA, or other countries) when they get a chance. They also enjoy sharing the story of how they met, so many years ago, through the linked journey of family and friends!

Karen Smith (New Life Centre Foundation)

I found Mr. Sievert Larsson to be not only an amazingly generous man but also a fantastic source of wisdom and calm, collected, practical common sense, not just in respect to SLSF projects but on all aspects of life…as well as having a great sense of humour! Over the last 9 years the Northern Programme has helped [approximate number to be provided later] of such students to break through financial and other barriers and achieve life-changing qualifications.

David Williams (Manager, Northern Program, Toonpanya Foundation)


The SET Foundation has a very specific aim: to make a positive difference to needy Thai youngsters. Nearly 3,000 students at school, vocational college or university are supported every year with scholarships or other financial assistance.

The New Life Center Foundation works with young ethnic minority women throughout the Mekong sub-region(Thailand, Burma, China & Laos) who are at risk, or victims of human trafficking, forced labor, and sexual abuse.

The Thailand Lahu Development (TLDF) is based in Nothern Thailand with social services as its mandate. TLDF works with 90 TLBC member church villages, with its outreach focusing on non-church members of Lahu ethnic group.

Wanich Business College in Nonthaburi awards scholarships to students with financial difficulties. The scholarships are continuous until students graduate.

SLSF Northern Program, through Toonpanya foundation, awards scholarships to students in Northern Thailand who are in financial need, helping them to get the education they deserve.

Suan Dusit University, the Culinary Arts faculty. (SDICS) promotes Thailand’s culinary and hotel management studies for bachelor students. Suan Dusit has faculties in Bangkok, Lampang, Trang and Sing Buri.

The Migrant Assistant Program (MAP). MAP`s primary goal is to help provide opportunities to migrant children.

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