New Life Center Foundation The New Life Center Foundation (“NLCF”) opened in 1987 to support underprivileged ethnic minority women throughout northern Thailand. In addition to working with “at-risk” tribal women, the NLCF also assists those young women who are survivors of human trafficking and sexual abuse.

The NLCF believes in grass-roots activism, empowering individuals and families at a community level, and engaging local communities and organizations through education and training to create a world without exploitation.

The NLCF provides:

Therapeutic activities:  art therapy, music, baking, martial arts, and individual counseling

Business for tribal women:  literacy and business skills training housing: safe shelter and medical care

Education:  literacy and life-skills  from elementary to university levels

Vocational training:  specialized training which results in viable employment and work skills


Northern Thailand

Student Levels

Vocational College & University
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