Our foundation gives 2-4 scholarships a year give brilliant Thai students a possibility to study for a Master’s Degree in Chalmers University in Sweden. Chalmers select the students together with well known universities in Thailand.

The scholarship has been given every year since 2012. The Thai students have adopted very well to the Swedish environment and been very much appreciated by teachers and student colleges.



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Letter from Miss Punchalee

After completing a bachelor’s degree in Thailand, I was searching for opportunities abroad having popular Thai student destinations including USA, UK, and Australia in mind. However, meeting and talking with an alumnus from Chalmers University of Technology at the university fair changed that perspective and added Sweden to my list.

My interest was the biotechnology curriculum, which had many elective courses that I could personalize. I was fortunate enough to be awarded with the Sievert Larsson Scholarship and accepted it without hesitation.

Adapting to the new environment and weather Gothenburg has to offer was smoother than I thought. Once I got all the waterproof warm clothes, there is indeed no bad weather. People of Gothenburg are also warm and welcoming making it was not too hard to make new friends once the initial silence was broken. The culture of inclusivity made it certain that no one will be left behind.

During my time at Chalmers, I also had an opportunity to work as a research engineer over the summer as well as a lab technician / assistant in parallel to my thesis work. In addition to the quality education and hands-on research opportunities, the experience of living abroad broadens my horizon and is truly valuable.

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