A new chapter starts in the life of SLSF

The Sievert Larsson Scholarship Foundation has always donated at least 95% of its resources to Thai students or Thai causes. In the past, this was done from abroad.

Now the Create Your future, CYF (or มูลนิธิ-ทุนศึกษาสร้างฝัน in Thai) is registered to better follow up and service the partner organizations with whom we work. CYF will also initiate partnerships with educational institutions directly.

I plan and hope that the amount that CYF can donate in favor of education of bright but disadvantaged youngsters can increase the years to come. This is the way a society moves forward. The pace of change is accelerating and no youngsters should be left behind. As Mao said, let a thousand flowers bloom.

Please note that CYF is a 100% Thai Foundation. All decisions are made for the benefit of Thai society.

The CYF gives Thais the opportunity to contribute to this important cause. Your contribution will be doubly deductible. Please select your favorite Partner Organization or contribute directly to CYF.

Bangkok 2018-02- 18
Sievert Larsson

adminA new chapter starts in the life of SLSF