Mr Sievert Larsson – the founder of Create Your Future – has been giving scholarships in Thailand for many years through the parent charity, the Sievert Larsson Scholarship Foundation. More than 7,000 students in mainly poor areas of Thailand have already graduated, some after receiving continuous support for several years. Now, the Create Your Future Foundation will continue to sponsor around 2,000 students each year with long-term scholarships but with your help we can give even more children the benefit of a good education.

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Creating futures

The Create Your Future Foundation’s primary purpose is to facilitate the education of promising students from disadvantaged backgrounds

Uplifting generations

Investment in education is so valuable. It not only lifts children out of poverty but also later their own future children and that of successive generations.

Impacting society

Recipients are eligible to receive scholarships until they graduate. The CYF hopes that each student will grow and develop, choosing careers that will positively impact their lives and Thai society as a whole.

Over the years we have helped build thousands of better futures through scholarships providedby our partner organizations. Below are just a few of the success stories from one of our partners – The SET Foundation.


SET was established in 1994 originally to help just one student attend university. Seckson’s parents were too impoverished to pay his fees. With SET support, Seckson studied for a Bachelor degree in Physics but was later also part-supported during his studies for a Master and then a PhD. Dr Seckson is now director of the Institute of Fundamental Studies at a leading Thai university. In 2014, Dr Seckson joined SET trustees to present landmark scholarship number 5000 to a first-year high school student.

Pimonporn received her SET scholarship in 2006, in her first year at high school. When she completed her six years of study, her grades were excellent and her scholarship was extended so she could study for a degree in Public Health. Pimonporn finished her studies in 2014 and now works in the Policy Planning Department of the Thai Ministry of Public Health.

Like many SET scholarship students, Natchaya has done very well in her career. She was first awarded a scholarship at the end of her third year of school. Her parents were having a difficult time financially and it was likely Natchaya would have to drop out of school to find work. With her SET scholarship she was able to finish school and then study for a degree in Public Administration. She finished her studies in 2010 with perfect grades and immediately found employment in local government administration. She later applied for an important position as deputy governor of a provincial district. She competed against 900 applicants – and got the job.

In 1998, Mr Sievert visited SET’s founder Peter Robinson (then Phra Peter Pannapadipo) to offer financial support to SET. During that first visit to Phra Peter’s monastery, Mr Larsson met 18-year-old Phisarn, who was living as a temple boy there. Phisarn was about to start his university studies for a degree in Political Science. Mr Larsson was impressed with Phisarn and the work that SET was doing and he soon became the foundation’s major sponsor. Later, he became SET’s chairman. Phisarn went on to complete his Bachelor, Master and PhD degrees and is now head of the Political Science Department of a university. In 2016, after completing his PhD, Dr Phisarn met with Mr Sievert and the other SET trustes to personally thank them for their 18 years of support. In 2017, Dr Phisarn became a trustee of The SET Foundation.

Sarunya was first supported in 2004 through six years of high school. Because her grades were so good, her scholarship was extended so she could study Medical Technology at university. Without SET support, she would have been unable to study at all. Sarunya is now a lab assistant in a hospital.

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